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What is Yoga?

Yoga is one of the oldest systems of personal development in the world that unifies the mind, body and soul. The techniques used in yoga emphasize on precision, detail, and alignment of the body while performing different postures or asanas. In addition, yoga also emphasizes on controlling breathing in order to develop strength, mobility and stability.

Who can benefit from Yoga?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from practicing yoga. It may include people belonging to different age groups, fitness levels, and states of health.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

An individual to sustain their ability to face physical, mental as well as emotional challenges in their day-to-day life with mobility, poise, strength, stability and thoughtfulness.

Yoga helps:

  • Releases day-to-day stress
  • Increases and teaches mindfulness
  • Relieves anxiety and depression
  • Improves breathing
  • Enhances balance and builds core strength
  • Enhances bone density

Do I need a referral to visit the Yoga instructor?

The answer is NO!

You do not require a referral from your physician to book a yoga session.