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Active Physiotherapy in Scarborough

Rejuvenate Your Lifestyle with Active Physiotherapy in Toronto

We're specialists providing active physiotherapy in Toronto to help you make the most of a healthy body. A session with our experts enables you to have a pain free comfortable life. Apart from impeccable physiotherapy at our centre for orthotics in Scarborough, Ontario our services include OHIP covered physiotherapy.

Orthotics Scarborough Ontario

What is Active Physiotherapy?

Active physiotherapy is a form of therapy which allows an individual to work actively without the help of an external force, for instance another body part, machine, or person. A single session of active physiotherapy in Scarborough can set your body's priorities straight.

When is Active Therapy useful?

Active therapy proves to be extremely useful in rehabilitation. However, prior to beginning active therapy the physiotherapist must determine if or when a patient is ready to begin the form of therapy.

Active and passive treatment techniques go hand-in-hand and at times are used during a single treatment session. At Myoflex Physiotherapy Clinic, we provide our patients with customized treatment plans which combine the two.Unlike a session in OHIP covered physiotherapy in Scarborough, a session in Active therapy doesn't use external machines and depends completely on the therapist's interaction.

What are the benefits of Active Physiotherapy?

Active therapy proves beneficial in post injury cases. This form of therapy may help rehabilitation processes when the processes are not contraindicated by other health conditions or abilities. Active therapy acts to help a patient achieve their pre-injury state of health.

What to expect in an Active Therapy session?

An Active Physiotherapy session may include:

  • Stretching muscles or moving joints to improve range of motion
  • Using a stationary bike or walking on a treadmill
  • Light weight lifting and balancing exercises
  • Resistance training to build muscle mass
  • Aerobic exercises to increase the heart rate
  • Proprioceptive and agility training

Do I need a referral before visiting an Active Physiotherapist?

The answer is NO!

You don't always need a referral from your physician as case-based concerns can be addressed by a professional Physiotherapist. However, it is advised to check with your insurance provider to confirm if they require a referral for reimbursement. For questions related to your health, don't hesitate. Book a free consultation with our professionals.